Professional Software & Web Engineering

We are a multidisciplinary company offering universal applications that fit into all types of business plans, but also those specifically designed for a particular company or organization. VIDYPS 79's engineers use Visual Studio .NET (C#) and web programming tools (HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX) to develop software and web applications for laptop and desktop computers and mobile devices, specialized in remotely connecting applications on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices to those running on Windows servers.

Custom Application Development

VIDYPS 79 is constantly concentrated on highly qualitative and cost effective custom application development to its clients. All our products have been greatly accompanied by the powerful database management.

Outsourcing Services

Taking advantage of our knowledge and skills to improve performance and achieve the service needed by transferring portions of work to us and our professionals will enable our clients to have greater budget control and the overall operating expenses and risk highly reduced.

IT Consulting & Technical Expertise

As being part of the IT industry for a long period, besides a wide range of professionally developed products, we also offer consulting services regarding software development, project management, digital music distribution and IT technology in general. Everything we do is followed by the full customer support and legal information provided as long as the software or service is in use. That is to say, for a lifetime.

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Our Mission

Throughout the years, our mission has remained the same - it is to help our clients stay on the road to solutions.

Our Products

  • Real-time tracking changes to computer files
  • Music distribution software
  • Projecting a computer screen to a TV
  • Video surveillance
  • Professional A/V encoding
  • Search engines & news aggregators