Key Features

VIDYPS 79's engineers use object-oriented programming languages and web programming tools to develop software for digital watermarking, live streaming, database management, data acquisition and signal processing, wireless remote control, blockchain technology, video surveillance, audio/video encoding, music distribution, generating royalty and financial reports, interactive online music radio and TV, searching and collecting information published by popular news websites, as well as services tailored to suit specific needs. We can help our partners transfer portions of their work to our company and its professionals, thus leaving them with greater budget control and the overall operating expenses and risk highly reduced.

VIDYPS 79 is an IT company formed by genuine experts on object-oriented programming languages and web application development


The idea of establishing "VIDYPS 79" was initialized by a few genuine software development experts in 2008.

Our enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, experience and social responsibility have been incorporated into building up a worldwide digital network of technological innovations designed for the common people.

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Apps For Every Device

Our tools and solutions are made for running on every mobile, desktop or laptop device

Achieving The Best Performance

We are focused on developing a wide range of products for our clients

Database Management

Our software and services have been greatly accompanied by the powerful database management

24/7 Support & Legal Information

Full customer support on every app and service we've developed is guaranteed

Our Mission

Throughout the years our mission has remained the same - it is to help our clients pave the way to top-flight digital solutions.

For Windows, Mac OS

VIDYPS 79's engineers use object-oriented programming languages to develop software for Windows- and MacOS-based computers

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Mobile Apps

VIDYPS 79's engineers develop apps for smartphones and tablets making sure to enable connecting these with computers and servers

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VIDYPS 79's engineers use web programming tools (HTML, PHP, JAVA, AJAX) to develop web apps and design websites

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IT Consulting

VIDYPS 79's engineers provide professional software development and project management consulting services

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"We are committed to sharing a vision of seamless access to innovation encouraging the virtual world to contribute to the progress of the real world and bring new technologies closer to everyone. Our enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and experience are built into building a global digital network of solutions genuinely designed for the common people."

Vladimir Milicev, CEO of VIDYPS 79