High Quality Software Development

The activities of VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. date back to 2008, when the company was formed by a team of experienced IT engineers and software developers. As a socially responsible company, VIDYPS 79 has proven its stability by meeting all professional and quality standards.

VIDYPS 79's engineers use object-oriented programming languages and web programming tools to develop software for digital watermarking, live streaming, database management, data acquisition and signal processing, wireless remote control, blockchain technology, video surveillance, audio/video encoding, music distribution, generating royalty and financial reports, interactive online music radio and TV, searching and collecting information published by popular news websites, as well as services tailored to suit specific needs.

We believe that it is crucial to develop the software the way our clients imagine it to be. We are committed to sharing the vision of exhorting the virtual world to contribute to the progress of the real world and bringing new technologies closer to the common man.

VIDYPS 79 introduces ecosystems consisted of web applications accessed by users through web browsers running in interaction with the cloud-based software:

Mr. Vladimir Milicev, CEO & Founder

Having graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade in 2004, Vladimir Milicev joined SDDITG, a company specialized for RFID system solutions. He was engaged with manufacturing RFID devices for "GSP Beograd" and developing software and hardware for mobile devices designed to remotely control elevators in dwelling houses.

From 2004 to 2009 he was employed at Radio Television Of Serbia as a software & project engineer. He was in charge of providing technical and application support to digital broadcasting JUTEL Radio Man system and training journalists and technicians to implement that system. Vladimir was the head of developing software for managing Radio Belgrade's audio and newspaper digital archives and a contact engineer for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the world’s leading alliance of public service media operating from Geneva, Switzerland.

In autumn 2008, Vladimir felt that his ideas had to be extended within a large and growing area of business activities, so he founded "VIDYPS 79 d.o.o." as a professional software & web engineering, outsourcing, custom application development and IT consulting company. Vladimir has remained the leader of the team providing various products, apps, tools and services by reaching out to almost every corner of the world of digital technologies today.

VIDYPS 79 is an IT company formed by genuine experts on object-oriented programming languages and web application development

Our Mission

Throughout the years our mission has remained the same - it is to help our clients pave the way to top-flight digital solutions.

Our Products

  • Database management (creating, managing, administration)
  • Digital watermarking (physically embedded in an image, audio, video, animated GIF or PDF file for the purpose of representing a direct link between the users of a work in a digital file format and the copyright holder(s) of that work)
  • Live broadcasting software (high quality audio and video streaming from your PC or Mac)
  • Data acquisition and signal processing
  • Wireless remote control apps (including remote control over playing YouTube videos on a Smart TV from a smartphone, iPad or tablet)
  • Real-time tracking changes to computer files (monitoring modifications, deletions and creations of files located on hard disks and external memory disks attached to the computer or server)
  • Video surveillance (remote IP and web camera software including alarm system software)
  • Professional audio/video encoding (conversion among multiple formats, encoding, decoding into images, mixing etc.)
  • Music distribution software (delivering content to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Facebook, Tencent, NetEase and many others)
  • Royalty and financial reports software (generating sales reports by extracting data from corresponding financial records and sending them to all clients/partners by email, accordingly)
  • Interactive online music radio and TV (providing all information about artists, videos and tracks currently playing, which introduces one of the best music promotion tools)
  • Search engine and news aggregator (searching and collecting information published by popular news websites around the world)