VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. introduces an ecosystem consisting of web applications available through various web browsers that interact with cloud-based video encoding, data management and spectral analysis software.

Video encoding:

.:: Submit a video for conversion or edit

YT Remote

.:: Turn your smartphone or tablet into a wireless remote control

Find the similarity between images, audio and video files:

.:: Compare two images by measuring the similarity
.:: Compare two audio files by measuring the similarity
.:: Compare two video files by measuring the similarity

QR Code Encoder/Decoder

.:: Create/encode/generate QR code with a digital watermark embedded inside

YT Music Of All Time

.:: Look for the most famous bands and singers of all time on YouTube

Our Mission

Throughout the years our mission has remained the same - it is to help our clients pave the way to top-flight digital solutions.

Our web applications run in all web browsers, all operating systems and across all devices. No new installation or additional disk space is required on the client device for the apps to be used.